How to Get the Best Van Rental Deal Possible

If you have patience and really want to save on your next van rental, you won’t have a hard time finding a deal that will suit your needs. There are literally hundreds of services out there competing for your hard earned dollars and you should take advantage of that to get the best deal out there. Let me show you how you can get the best van rental deal possible.

First of all, I suggest you take a laptop with you when you’re looking around your area for a good van rental deal. Don’t be afraid to pop it open every time someone gives you a quote and see how it compares with online deals. The reason why you should consider both online and offline services is that while services such as and Priceline can really give you some great van rental deals, they only work with an handful of agencies, thus limiting your price range…

However, these services often offer package deals for different destinations which could definitely help you save on your overall trip. It can sometimes be difficult to budget your whole trip and get a general sense of which package would be the best for you, so if you choose to go for a package, make sure you know all the facts and logistics beforehand.

One of the biggest mistake people make when renting a van or a car is over insuring it. If you already own a car and have insurance for it, chances are your insurance company already covers some of the things rental companies will ask you to buy. Things such as third party reliability are probably already covered by your insurance, so you don’t need to pay extra for it. Make sure you check the terms of your insurance thoroughly before you pay for insurance on your rental.

Another thing you should be on the lookout for are airport rental fees. At some airports, you can pay up to 20% of the total fee in taxes if you choose to rent on location. So if you absolutely want to rent your vehicle at the airport, be prepared for some additional surcharges.

I hope these few tips will help you get the most value possible on your next car or van rental. Make sure you have all your facts on end when you go around looking for a car rental deal and don’t be afraid to look at all of your options.

This article is sponsored by United Van Rentals ( ), a passenger van rental company located in Orange County, California.